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Operation Plague (currently in its 13th year) is a zombie survival event that uses both airsoft guns and boffer melee weapons to simulate combat. Players take turns; half the time they are playing survivors and the other half they are playing zombies. Players enjoy dressing up in costumes; either scary, gross, or hillarious zombies... or kick-ass themed zombie hunters! Op Plague is also a charity food drive event that incorporates this into the game; players who bring canned goods with them can trade them into special characters in the event for more ammunition to fight the zombie hordes!


For years, the infected have roamed around desolated areas of civilization. Like swarms of locusts, hordes of the infected move from one area to another. What began as isolated reports quickly exploded into a worldwide pandemic. Some sort of bacterial or viral infection was found, it lived in the blood of its victims and kept its host artificially alive long past the point in which they should have died. A real life zombie apocalypse emerged.

Survivors of this apocalypse continue to try to scratch out a living by finding food, working together, or taking it from others by force. Factions have come and gone as power struggles continue, groups rise and fall as supporters flock to them and the stability they promise. Whether it be groups with altruistic goals to save and protect others or oppressive gangs of looters or paramilitary groups looking to rule over surviving groups with an iron fist, the safety in numbers cannot be overlooked... even if living conditions are deplorable.

There are still many questions left unanswered, but those that look close enough can find them or help influence the events that are to come. Although any semblence of Government and order has collapsed, military operatives are still seen deploying to different areas. Whispers and rumors of bio-experiments and mutated infected strains make living in this nightmare even more terrifying.

As a survivor in this hellish landscape, what are you willing to do to survive?




Op Plague 4 teaser trailer courtesy of Ping & Red Leaf Pictures


Fan video courtesy of Ping

Pre-Op Plague 3 storyline video.


Fan video courtesy of Ping.

Fan video courtesy of SuperDestructiveSheep.

In game storyline videos.



Op Plague 1 Teaser Trailer.


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