Event Registration

The required waivers for the event are...

Lupine Productions Waiver

Apocalypse Paintball Waiver

All players will receive a free lunch. All participants will be given a numbered ticket for the prize giveaway after the game. All participants will be given the required "Infected balaclava" or "infected bib" to use during the event. Some kill rags will be available onsite as well.


The most convenient way for a player to register and purchase entry into this event is through paypal, online. Pre-registration ends on Saturday, October 19th, 2019. We are giving away a special prize randomly to ONLY one of the players that pre-registered. If you want to get in on this prize drawing, make sure you get pre-registered! All attending players, pre-registered or day-of, will still be eligible for the normal prize giveaway. Pre-reg event entry pricing is only $30; save $10 on your entry by pre-registering and get in on the special prize giveaway!


Players may still register day-of (see info below)
*Note: PayPall processing fees are added to the event entry price.

Low on funds & still want to play? Or maybe you just want more time to feast on human flesh? Simply show up the day of the game and play FOR FREE as a dedicated zombie!

Dedicated zombie NPCS must be zombies all day (both phases) but they get in for free, get a free lunch, are eligible for the "best zombie" contest and some special prizes, and one random zombie will be chosen to win $50 in cash! You DO NOT need to pre-register to be a dedicated zombie... just show up and be one!


A player does not have to pre-register before the event in order to play. They can simply show up the day of the game and pay for the event. Only cash/card is accepted; no checks are allowed.
The cost for this event entry is $40.00 at the door/day-of.
Save $10 on your entry by pre-registering!


There are NO REFUNDS for pre-registration! The money brought into the event from pre-registration is spent on props, prizes, and event costs and will not be available for refund. If you are unsure of being able to attend the game, wait until just before or the day of the game to be sure. If you pre-register and want someone else to use your pre-registration entry for you, email me at lupine_productions@yahoo.com

If you pre-register and cannot attend, another player may take your "seat/ticket/spot". Simply email us ahead of time and let us know!

Checks/Money Order/ Pre-Registration
Checks and Money Orders are NOT allowed for event fee payments... only PayPal is accepted (Pre-reg) and cash or credit card (day-of)

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