Operation Plague Zombie Airsoft Event Info

Operation Plague is a Wisconsin airsoft & boffer themed event based on survival horror... and zombies! In this event, you'll assume the role of a survivor and attempt to survive the horde of ravenous infected. You'll also take your turn and get a chance play a flesh eating zombie! Only one question remains...

What would you do to survive?



Op Plague is also a charity food drive!

Players will barter with cans of food to refill magazines. Players are encouraged to bring cans with them to refill their mags easier and all cans brought to the game will be donated to the local food pantry.


No Walk-On Ammunition for this event

The only ammo allowed in this event are 0.2g bbs. Players are not allowed to bring their own ammo into the event, and will be supplied the BBs required to participate in the event.




2018 Event Sponsors

Last Hope Live Action Role Play - www.lasthopelarp.com





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