Op Plague 13 2019 - Event Details

Time Frame & Playing Field Info
Food Pantry Donation & Ammo Refills
Check In/Registration
Chrono/FPS Limits
Respawn Rules
Prop Rules
Prize Giveaway
Rental Guns
Survivors, Uniforms, & Weaponry
Zombies / Infected
Melee Combat
Safety Rules
Hidden OCs

***Time Frame & Playing Field Info***

Sunday October 27th, 2019 - Apocalypse Paintball - Poynette, WI
6:30 am - Registration begins
9:00 am - Pre-game briefing
10:00 am to 1:00 am- Phase 1 (Team A=Survivors, Team B=Infected)
1:00pm to 2:00pm- Lunch (free with paid entry fee)
2:00pm to 5:00pm- Phase 2 (Team A=Infected, Team B=Survivors)
5:15pm- Prize Giveaway

Operation Plague 13 Playing Field Area

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***Food Pantry Donation & Ammo Refills***

We will be donating the cans of food that are purchased for use in the game. Players will search for cans of food on the field to use it to barter and refill their gun magazines. You do not have to bring any cans of food with you and you could decide to search for the cans, but you are also allowed to bring a can of soup/vegetables/etc, anything non-perishable, and use it to barter in the game for ammo.

Players will NOT be allowed to carry ammo on them and must rely on bartering for ammo refills on the field at the specified refill location. Players are still responsible for their own propellant and this will not be supplied (green gas, propane, etc). Players caught refilling their mags on the field will be ejected from the game!

All cans of food brought to the game will be gathered up and donated to the local food pantry after the game. Please make sure the item is NOT EXPIRED so we can donate it!

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***Check In / Registration***

All players must check-in and register prior to playing in the event. Waivers must be signed and the entry fee paid. The minimum age requirement by any player attending this game is 15 years of age. A few exceptions to this rule can be made on a case-by-case basis; send an email to lupine_productions@yahoo.com for details. There will be a discounted pre-register price and a day-of price. The required "Infected balaclava" will be provided to players on game day.

The required waivers for this event are...

Lupine Productions Waiver

Apocalypse Paintball Waiver


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***Chrono / FPS Limits & Gun Limitations***

All standard airsoft guns must chrono below 350 FPS with 0.20gs BBs. The minimum engagement distance for this event is 10 feet but there is NO "bang kill" rule... please make note of this before attending these events!
Guns will be marked to verify the chrono. Everyone must chrono every gun before entering the field and spot checks will be enforced if players are suspected of cheating the FPS rules. If you cheat the FPS rules, you will be ejected from the event.

***NOTE: HPA systems are NOT ALLOWED at Op Plague. If your gun requires a tank with a hose running to it, it cannot be used at Op Plague. ***

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***Respawn Rules***

Infected players do not have a respawn point. They simply reanimate and continue forward after being downed for 2 minutes. All weapons damage zombies equally and they merely go down and come back up after a minimum of 2 minutes.

An infected player may put on their kill rag, which removes them from the game, and move away from players camping their body and relocate if they choose to, but must return to the ground for 2 minutes before they get back up... no moving around a building, putting away a kill rag, and then jumping out and grabbing someone.

An infected player is considered out of the game if they display their kill rag.

Survivors and military are "killed" if they are struck by a BB, hit with a boffer, or successfully mauled by a zombie. Survivors and military "killed" by a BB or a boffer must lay on the ground for a minimum of 1 minute, while displaying a kill rag, then they may get up and go to the designated respawn point.

Survivors "killed" by being successfully mauled by a zombie have 2 options. One, is that they may go to the ground, display a kill rag for 1 minute, then move to respawn. Two, is that they may immediately put on a Zombie Balaclava and play a temporary infected. Once the temporarily infected player has taken enough hits/shots and is downed, the player may display a kill rag and move to the survivor respawn point. Please see the detailed rules on attacking and infecting other players.

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***Prop Rules***

Several different kinds of props will be used in the game. Please do not move any props unless you are on a specific mission to do so! Do not tamper with any props, pyrotechnic, or special effect devices. Keep it simple... don't touch things you aren't supposed to! Doing so may get you kicked out of the game!

NEW FOR 2019: SMOKE CANISTERS ARE NOW ALLOWED! The use of smoke no longer has an in-game purpose and is now being allowed by players to use. Feel free to pop smoke grenades for fun ambience!

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***Prize Giveaway***

Several sponsors of the event may have donated guns, equipment, and accessories to be given out during the giveaway. All attending players get a giveaway ticket.

Directly after the game, you need to hand in your "infected balaclava" and show your wristband in order to receive your giveaway prize ticket(s)!

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***Rental Guns***

Apocalypse Paintball has some equipment for rental and/or for sale; contact the field if you need anything.

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***Survivors, Uniforms, & Weaponry***

All Players will play as both Infected and Survivors. Please bring appropriate clothing for both... you will be given time to change before each Phase.


- Players are not allowed to bring ammo with them on the field. High grade 0.2g ammo will be available during the game and will be supplied by the event itself. No players are allowed to have any bags of ammo or BB loaders with them on the field! Players must still bring their own propellent such as Green Gas, propane, etc.
- All guns MUST chrono under 350 fps with 0.2g BBs
- Each player may only use the weapons allowed by their survivor group.
- Players may only carry a MAXIMUM of TWO guns on them at any given time. Example, a survivor can use 2 shotguns, pistol/shotgun combo, or 2 pistols. Police and military NPC roles could use an AEG/shotgun combo, AEG/pistol combo, 2 shotguns, pistol/shotgun combo, or 2 pistols.
- Each player may carry ONLY one additional magazine per gun... two TOTAL per weapon.
- Only non-winding mags allowed... no hi-caps or box mags (if applicable).
- Players may carry weapons of the same mag type (ie, two M9 pistols to get four mags, two spring shotguns to get four shells, etc)
- Players CANNOT refill mags on the field unless they are at a specified location to refill. There will be a group that coordinates the refill of ammo on the field in exchange for cans of food. This will be discussed during the briefing before the game.
- All players may use approved boffer foam weapons; all boffers must be checked for safety.
- No firing on zombies still on the ground and no grabbing ankles of survivors as a zombie; let zombie players get up before engaging and don't abuse this courtesy as a zombie.
- For this event, there is no “Bang” rule. You cannot inflict a hit on someone unless you actually shoot them, but you also cannot shoot if they are within 10 feet. If you run out of ammo, you cannot just “bang” kill zombies.

All players will be Civilian survivors. Police and Military are reserved for small NPC roles in the game.


Photo courtesy of www.ign.com, Diary of the Dead, and Dawn of the Dead    

Civilians are not allowed to wear any military BDUs or camo at all; they must wear civilian clothes. Players are NOT allowed to wear bright red shirts due to these being OC/referee colors! Civilians should also refrain from using plate carriers, SWAT vests, or other highly militarized tactical gear. Shoulder bags, belts with pouches, backpacks, shoulder holsters, hip holsters, thigh holsters, hydration pouches, and small satchels are fine.
-Civilians may only use gas or spring pistols, shotguns, and bolt-action rifles. AEPS are also acceptable if they have the small magazines (no extended mags) but MP7 guns, either electric or gas, are NOT an allowed for use as a civilian. M203 launchers are not allowed to be used.
-Civilians may use approved boffer foam weapons.
-Civilians may use approved rubber knives.
-Only civilians are allowed to use in-game "halloween" Chainsaw weapons. (See below for chainsaw rules)
-Civilians may use riot shields.



Photo courtesy of www.militaryphotos.com and www.istockphoto.com    

Police must be in full black BDUS, full navy blue BDUs, or a police outfit/impression. Just wearing black or navy blue clothing doesn't cut it... it has to be a uniform or BDU and some effort has to be put into it so that it is obvious you are law enforcement. Resident Evil impressions that are S.T.A.R.s related are also allowed. A black helmet is encouraged but NOT required. Police are only allowed black or dark tactical gear (NO OTHER COLORS ALLOWED!).



Photo courtesy of www.militaryphotos.net and www.wolf-recon.com    

Military must be in full ACU BDUs. ACU is the ONLY BDU camo allowed for military. Military personnel MUST wear a helmet. Patrol caps, hats, boonies, dew rags, bald heads, or other headpieces are no longer allowed. Helmets and Tactical gear are NOT required to be in ACU and may be of any color, only the uniform must be ACU.


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***Zombies / Infected***

Zombie1   Zombie2
Photos courtesy of 28 Weeks Later and Dawn of the Dead.    

Infected players can theoretically wear anything and still be a zombie, but they are encouraged to wear something unique, bloody, or cool when it is their turn to play as a zombie. Bloody shirts, severed limbs, and exposed guts are encouraged! Infected are not allowed to use any equipment or weapons of any sort.

Infected players must put on and wear the appropriate “infected” balaclava. This balaclava will be provided to you during game day. You may also go above and beyond and make your own unique face protection if you would like, such as a bloodied paintball mask.

Infected players WILL take short range shots, so plan accordingly. Infected players should cover all of their exposed skin and wear gloves! They are encouraged to wear a few extra layers of clothing to pad themselves from painful shots. Although precautions are set in place to help minimize the risk of painful shots, do not attend this event if you cannot handle this aspect of the game.

If an infected player comes into physical contact with a survivor, they initiate a grapple. Infected players CANNOT initiate a grapple from the ground... no reanimating and grabbing ankles as people pass by. A zombie player should announce "GRAPPLE" when they touch someone to signal to the player that they have them. When a survivor is grappled, they must immediately fall to the ground with the zombie and pretend to struggle. As soon as the grapple is taken to the ground, the zombie player begins a 10 second countdown. If no help arrives after 10 seconds, the survivor is mauled to death.
A grappled survivor cannot use any weapons, including boffers, while being grappled. If a player manages to pull an approved rubber knife (NO STABBING! Just hold the knife) before the end of the 10 seconds, they manage to kill the zombie before they are mauled (see below for knife rules) but only AFTER the 10 second count.
If at any time a second zombie joins the grapple, the survivor is mauled to death.
If another survivor shoots or clubs the grappling zombie to death (a player cannot shoot or beat a zombie until both players are on the ground and the grapple has initiated) before the 10 seconds elapse, the grappled player will survive and can get back up.

Any survivor successfully mauled by a zombie or group of zombies will role play being eaten and dying and then put on their Infected Balaclava or kill rag (player's choice). After one minute, the newly infected player will rise and join the ranks of the zombies or don a kill rag and move to respawn.

An Infected player takes 3 BB hits or 3 boffer hits to down. A downed Infected player falls to the ground (they cannot stand unless conditions are terribly muddy/sloppy). After 2 full minutes, they may get back up. Infected players continue to reanimate in this way indefinitely, but may voluntarily put on a kill rag and move away from an area if they feel like they are being camped. Once they are away and out of sight, they collapse back on the ground, put away their kill rags, and reenter the game after 2 full minutes.

Infected players cannot use team tactics, zigzag to dodge bullets, or communicate verbally (besides growling and roaring). You run directly at food sources (survivors) as fast as you can in order to feast or you may slowly lumber towards them... it is up to you. You are a savage infected human that closely resembles a rabid cannibal… act like one!

Players may choose to play an "Armored Zombie" if they wish. You are required to wear body armor and a helmet and should try to look the part (a fallen SWAT member, a military soldier, a firefighter in full gear). Armored zombies are only allowed to walk (they cannot move fast enough to never have one foot on the ground at any given time... no jogging or running, but power walking speed is fine). Armored zombies take 10 BB strikes or boffer hits to down instead of 3.
Armored zombies are still suspectible to chainsaws and rubber knives in a grapple like normal zombies.

Infected players must react to different equipment in different ways.
Chainsaws- An infected zombie that attacks a human wielding a chainsaw from the front should carefully grab hold of the chainsaw and pretend to be cut by it for up to 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, the zombie is considered down. During this time, if the zombie touches the human they are NOT considered infected or grappled. If the human breaks contact before three seconds, the zombie is still considered alive. Only one zombie at a time can be chainsaw killed.
Riot Shields- If a zombie attacks a human with a riot shield, the zombie must continue attacking them even though they cannot kill the human without help from another zombie. The zombie player should hold onto the edges of the shield and push around (gently) the survivor holding the riot shield, but the zombie cannot break contact with him at all. It will take an additional zombie to grapple the survivor with a riot shield.
Shotguns- Multiple shot shotguns will be able to down a zombie in one shot, so zombie players need to pay attention to what hits them... they should be able to tell the difference between a single spring pump shotgun and a tri-burst shotgun.
Bats / Clubs / Axes- These boffer or latex melee weapons can inflict hits on zombies, but they must exert a sufficient amount of force in order to do so. Light taps don't count, and excessively hard hits don't count either, but a medium strength hit with some force behind it is required to wound a zombie. UPDATE FOR 2019: If a player has a two handed large boffer weapon, any hits to a zombie will knock them back 3 steps (roughly 5 feet) and cancel their current grapple attempts. Two handed boffers NO LONGER KNOCK ZOMBIES DOWN!
M203 Shower Shells- Any infected hit by the sprays of BBs from a 40mm grenade shower shell are down, regardless of the numbers of BBs that strike the zombie player.
Flamethrowers- A low powered spray airsoft BB flamethrower immediately downs a zombie player. If a zombie player is sprayed by a flamethrower, they should role play being burned alive.

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***Melee Combat***

Close combat, or melee combat, is used in Operation Plague in several different ways. Please read and be familiar with how each melee weapon works to ensure this is done appropriately and safely.

Full out tackling or body slamming is not allowed; excessive abuse of this will get you ejected from the event! Any zombie player who touches a survivor initiates a grapple; the survivor must immediately fall to the ground and pretend to struggle with the zombie and call for help. This initiates a 10 second countdown. If no help arrives after 10 seconds, the survivor is mauled to death. If the survivor manages to pull a rubber knife by the end of the 10 seconds, they defend themselves and kill the attacking zombie... but only at the END of the 10 second count! If at any time a second zombie joins the grapple, the survivor is mauled to death. If another survivor shoots or clubs the zombie to death (survivors cannot shoot or beat a zombie until both players are on the ground and the grapple has initiated) before the 10 seconds elapse, the grappled player will survive and can get back up. A grappled survivor cannot use any of his weapons.
NEW FOR 2019: Being struck with a "CLEAVE" two handed boffer attack will cause knockback and cancel a zombies grapple.

Riot Shields

A player with a riot shield cannot be grappled by a single zombie. With a riot shield, it takes two zombies (one on the shield and one on the player) to successfully grapple a survivor and it takes three zombies to overpower and maul a survivor to death. When a zombie is pressed up against a riot shield, that survivor cannot shoot them with any weapon (within 10 feet) but they can beat them to death with a boffer weapon. Riot shields cannot be used to shield bash or slam people, so care must be observed when using one. All riot shields will be safety-checked; edges, corners, bolts and protrusions must be covered or rounded enough to NOT cause injury during regular use. Riot shields DO NOT block BBs and any BB striking a shield is considered to hit the player holding it. However, riot shields DO block melee boffer strikes



Real chainsaws with the blades removed are not allowed... the only approved chainsaws are plastic toy halloween chainsaws. Two hands must be used on a chainsaw for it to be used. If a zombie attacks a player from the front, the survivor may "down" a zombie by pressing the chainsaw onto the zombie player. A full 3 seconds of contact must be kept in order to down the zombie... breaking contact means the zombie is still alive. If a zombie grapples a survivor from the back or if a survivor is holding the chainsaw in one hand, the chainsaw does not help. Chainsaw props will be safety checked and must not have protrusions that could be deemed unsafe.


Boffer Foam & Latex Weapons

Photos courtesy of www.edhellen.com            

Any survivor may use an approved boffer weapon such as an axe, sword, or club. These weapons may be used one handed or two, and inflict wounds on a zombie with each hit. Sufficient force (medium strength hits) must be used against a zombie... light taps do not count and excessive hits will get players kicked out of the game. A survivor must also fully extend a swing in order to hit (the boffer weapon must break a 90 degree plane after each hit) or else it is not valid... no machine-gun light taps from the wrist. ***NEW FOR 2019: A large two handed boffer weapon will knock a zombie back 3 steps (roughly 5 feet) with a hit if the weilder announces "CLEAVE" and uses two hands. This "CLEAVE" attack also cancels a zombies grapple as they are knocked back. A grappled survivor cannot use a boffer weapon on a zombie.


Foam weapons will be given full contact combat sport testing. They need to sufficiently padded on the STRIKING SURFACE, TIP, POMMEL, and have no hard points that could injure someone. If you don't think you can create a passable foam weapon, save yourself the trouble and buy a pre-made weapon from www.forgedfoam.com
We primarily check for the following...
1) Is the tip padded and safe?
2) Is the pommel padded and safe?
3) Is there sufficient padding on the entire weapon?
4) Does the padding freely spin or is it secured to the core?
5) Does the weapon hit too hard (compressed foam) or sting/slap too hard (usually caused by covering the weapon in duct tape?
Your weapons could fail based on these criteria!

Latex LARP and foam injected LARP weapons are now approved for use in Operation Plague. All weapons will be tested, but these are usually "safe bets" for what could be passable.



Rubber Knives

Photos courtesy of www.teraasekeskus.com
Any survivor may carry an approved rubber knife. It must not be sharp and must bend when pressure is applied to it; hard plastic knives are NOT allowed. This cannot be used as a slashing or stabbing weapon but is merely a prop that allows a survivor player to survive being grappled with a zombie. Normally, a survivor who is grappled and taken to the ground by a lone zombie will be mauled to death in 10 seconds. If the survivor pulls a rubber knife during the grapple, they instead kill the zombie AFTER the 10 seconds. They only win the grapple after the FULL 10 seconds has passed. You cannot be grappled, pull out a knife, and then run off... you must go to the ground in the grapple and only win after the 10 seconds is up. If at any time during the 10 seconds a second zombie enters the grapple, the survivor is overpowered and mauled to death.

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***Safety Rules***

At any time a real life emergency arrises, players are to call out "CEASE FIRE, EMERGENCY, BLINDMAN" as loud as they can and repeatedly until the message is relayed through the entire playing field. Contact an OC immediately. All game actions halt until an OC states otherwise and directs the players.

All players are required to chrono their weapons to ensure the rules are being followed for different weapons. There may be spot-check chronos on the field; make sure you weapons chrono under the FPS limit!

All players are expected to follow the rules of the game and the rules of the field the event is held at.

Improvised weapons are NOT ALLOWED unless inspected and approved by an event coordinator.

All players are required to carry and use a kill rag (extras will be available onsite).

Players should avoid head shots at all costs. Continuous/intentional head shots will get players ejected from the game. No matter what curve ball the storyline throws at the players, THERE WILL NEVER EVER *EVER* BE A TIME WHERE ZOMBIES MUST BE SHOT OR STRUCK IN THE HEAD! Plain and simple... don't aim for the head! EVER!

All players under the age of 18 (15-17) are required to wear a full paintball mask (ANSI Z87.1 lens) in order to play. All players 18 and older are required to wear full seal goggles (ANSI Z87.1 lens). Players 18 and older are NOT required to wear a full face mask.
***NOTE: Wire mesh goggles are NOT allowed at Operation Plague.


There is NO BLIND FIRING allowed at this event. In order to fire your weapon, you must be able to see down the barrel of it. You can't just stick your hand and gun around a corner and fire. You must be able to see the direction you are shooting in order to fire.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO firing directly down onto people's heads from towers or structures. If people directly below you, please do not shoot them on top of the head. You should observe the 45 degree minimum angle for shooting down onto targets.

Cracks in the castle walls and buildings do not exist... they are considered solid and cannot be shot through. Windows, gun ports, firing slits, or doors can be shot through as normal.

If at any time you are on a ramp, ladder, or walkway there is ABSOLUTELY no melee combat or grappling. Allow the players to come up or go down and then resume.

Due to the CQB element of this game, the minimum engagement distance is 10 feet but there is no "bang kill " rule. Close shots WILL happen even though they are not allowed... this is a game where people are sprinting at other people to try and touch them. Do your best in keeping close shots to a minimum, but please make note of this before attending this event. IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH THIS RULE, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND!

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Referees will be available in the game to answer questions and to watch for cheaters. Referees/OCs will be wearing bright red shirts; red shirts are NOT allowed to be worn by players to save on confusion. All decisions made by a ref are final; do not argue with a referee. Players who are rude or disrespectful to a player will be removed from the event.

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***Hidden OCs***

Operation Plague will utilize hidden OCs.  A hidden OC is a referee that is playing the game with the sole purpose of watching for cheaters and unsafe players. When you blatantly ignore a hit or act in an unsafe manner, the teammate standing next to you may just be a hidden OC and will call you on it (or bring you to the attention of an OC). Keep it simple and don’t cheat and play safe!

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