Operation Plague Zombie Airsoft Event Info

Operation Plague is a Wisconsin airsoft & boffer themed event based on survival horror... and zombies! In this event, you'll assume the role of a survivor and attempt to survive the horde of ravenous infected. You'll also take your turn and get a chance play a flesh eating zombie! Only one question remains...

What would you do to survive?




Thank you everyone for being patient with us as the event information was organized. This year will see a number of changes for Operation Plague. Unfortunately, the years of immense numbers of players for Op Plague are behind us and the consistent player base numbers of have returned to how Op Plague used to be in the first several years of the event series. However, don't worry! This DOES NOT mean that Op Plague is going away, it just means that we are making some changes to compensate for this.

1) Playstyle: The missions and play style for Op Plague will start to return to more of a role play narrative with some characters instead of a run-and-gun/munch style that the immense numbers could afford.

2) Prizes: Giveaways and dedicated zombie awards will be adjusted a bit to reflect the current player numbers. They will still be there, however!

3) Playing Field: We will be returning to sharing the field with paintball players at Apoc Paintball. There will be a map and a clear dividing line on the playable area at the event.

4) Entry Fee: With the changes to the field, prizes, and style of event the early bird entry fee has been reduced to compensate for this. Save some cash and pre-register for the event!

5) Minor Rules Changes: Two handed boffers now cause knockback instead of knockdown effects on zombies and cancel their current grapple. (Detailed more in Event Rules section)

Thank you everyone for your support and see you at the event!
- Op Plague Staff


Op Plague is a charity food drive!

Players will barter with cans of food to refill magazines. Players are encouraged to bring cans with them to refill their mags easier and all cans brought to the game will be donated to the local food pantry.


No Walk-On Ammunition for this event

The only ammo allowed in this event are 0.2g bbs. Players are not allowed to bring their own ammo into the event, and will be supplied the BBs required to participate in the event.




2019 Event Sponsors

Last Hope Live Action Role Play - www.lasthopelarp.com





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